My war with the tire !

My war with the tyre !

Well not sure if you are aware of it yet but i use tires as the structure of my ottomans , they are professionally covered and encased but still inside my ottomans there lies a tire , and boy did i battle with this tire !

The intention is really positive , i wanted to take my illustrations to a new level and place them on to homewares, but i also wanted to make a positive change , and i wanted my products to have some eco nature to them

I dabbled with many ideas but having made myself an tire ottoman that idea continued to play in the back of my mind , my inner critic had much to say about this “who wants a tire in their living room?”  and “who would pay for a tire ottoman? “, but the overwhelming feeling that it was necessary to start repurposing materials was strong , and i received many complements on my ottoman , and even got requests.

So after months of deliberating  and testing “ding ding the tire won !” they  are now available , inside each of my ottomans is a large tire which would most likely go into some other nation to be burnt for fuel , and not only are these ottoman incredibly durable but you would never even know it had i not told you .

I hope you grow to understand my logic and value its use , everything i do has great value to me and it may only be one tire at a time but its one less  polluting our beautiful planet .

Hello world!

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