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It was just another busy housework Friday, almost a year ago whilst chatting away to a dear friend trying to distract ourselves from the enormous task of bathrooms and laundry day that the seed for my creative business idea was planted.
My wonderful friend had recently discovered the work of the Hess sisters and had to tell me all about it. Personally I had been living under a pile of laundry for the past 9 years so unfortunately a little out of touch. My passion for fashion was in hiding in fear of vomit stains and greasy fingers. I don’t blame it, I sometimes hid myself…
I had not yet become aware of these amazing inspirational women, fellow fashion and illustration lover’s who had made a living out of their sketches!
I was a little out of touch, but my dear friend who I had been sending endless pics of my sketches, suggested I give it a go.
To which i replied … “Me? I’m just simply not good enough.” Much to her disapproval.
I sometimes wish we saw ourselves through the eyes of our loved ones.
It turns out many creative types have a tendency to be super insecure.
Yet this seed had started to sprout and I began to dabble with the possibility. After months of listening to my inner critic, telling me…
“your work is just not good enough”
“as if anyone’s going to take you seriously”
“where are you going to find the time?” and so on and so on …….
I decided one day to ask my inner critic to kindly take a back seat.
And I stopped listening.
Almost an outer body experience. So often I could hear myself say to my daughter “follow your passion”.
I am such a strong believer of this and yet i was sitting back and letting life fly by, not giving it a go. I decided to take my own advice and lead by example .
I had to try.
And so 4 the love of paris was born.
After more than 12 months of drawing, lovingly creating, visioning and twiddling the technical stuff it is finally almost ready to go live.
4TheLoveofParis is an online shop where Illustration is brought to life through homewares and wall art. Officially opening 6th april 2016!
It represents me and everything that i care for and love.
I hope to prove that following your passion can work. By doing it myself.
Thank you for your endless support, positive comments, your likes and positivity has not gone unnoticed and I send it right back to you.

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