Sketching is my Passion.

Hi i’m Patricia Mendes

I followed my creative dreams hoping to inspire others to do the same.

I haven’t always loved what i do, my sketching has never been placed as something i thought good enough to share or make a career out of.

For so many years following my daily routine, i felt lost and lacking in drive and confidence. After many years of telling my children to follow their dreams, i decided i need to lead by example and take my own advice.

Rediscovering my childhood passion i turned to paper and sketched and it became apparent that when i sketched i felt truly proud and happy.

Everything here is sketched by me , i use many subjects that inspire me , they do not all relate to each other but  this world is so full of wonder , i feel the need to capture it all .

Through my creativity – I was inspired to dream again.

visit my store at 4theloveofparis.com.au

or contact me if you have any questions at  patricia@4theloveofparis.com.au