Affordable Framed wall art print wombat “Pride “

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Nursery Affordable wall art limited edition print of Wombat Pride

Australiana Maternal Collection , what better example of our Australian cuteness to join our maternal collection than this proud mummy wombat and bub caught in a moment of joy.

Female wombats give birth to a single young in the spring, after a gestation  period, which like all marsupials can vary, in the case of the wombat: 20–21 days.

They have well-developed pouches , which the young leave after about six to seven months. Wombats are weaned after 15 months, and are sexually mature at 18 months

You are looking at Limited edition Giclee print one of 200 limited to 200 prints of each but now exclusively limited per size size A4 only 50 available A3= 50 A2 = 70 AND A1=20  AO = 10 framed or unframed .

signed and numbered by artist Patricia Mendes with a certificate of authenticity , printed on Deluxe heavy weight 305 gsm archival Paper.

Each print is mounted so it  appears to be floating off its backing framed in your choice of solid wood Shadow box frame 3.5cm in depth frames fully glassed, made to order in Australia , available in the following sizes , please note minor variations may occur as it is made by hand and it can  also take up to 2  weeks to dispatch .

Sizing and pricing are including the frame. All frames come with three colour options black white and Raw All Australian Made and designed .


67.5 cm by 52.5 cm  = $299.00 (size used A3 plus )
62.5 cm by 62.5 cm  = $350.00 ( size used square custom still classified under A3)
82.5 cm by 62.5 cm  = $450.00 (size used A2 )




Fo A1 and AO farming please inquire via our contact form . A1 AND A0 Framing available for custom order .

largest measurement is the height 🙂

For wholesale inquirers please contact us via email on our contact page to have wholesale access .

Additional Information

Additional Information


Black, White, Raw


67.5 cm by 52.5 cm, 62.5 cm by 62.5 cm, 82.5 cm by 62.5 cm

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